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EGO.M – Unconventional Design

It all started from a shape: the arched trefoil designed by Achille Castiglioni and Gianfranco Cavaglià in 2001, which brings an intense study of ergonomic grip into its lines.

From this section a collection of writing instruments was then implemented in the same year which only came to life twenty years later, thanks to the technological developments, research and engineering of the EGO.M Team (pronounced egopuntoemme).

The collection comes under the name CENTO3: a set consisting of a pocket fountain pen, micromine and multifunction pen made individually using three-dimensional printing.

Therefore, the need to design an object that brought together the multifunctional CENTO3 and all its interchangeable functions with compactness, essentiality and functionality was natural and daily.

TRILOBY ME, the portable atelier to always carry with you, a capsule that is a lifestyle.

  • Cento3.G Ego.M - Penna Stilografica pocket
    Cento3.G Ego.M – Pocket Fountain Pen
  • Ricambi Leads Mix 7 pz. per Cento3.E Ego.M
    Leads Mix spare parts 7 pcs. for Cento3.E Ego.M
  • Ricambio Penna Sfera Cento3.E Ego.M
    Replacement Ballpoint Pen Cento3.E Ego.M
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