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Pininfarina Dante 700th edition

Dante Exclusive 700th edition

Cambiano Dante Exclusive 700th editionCambiano Dante Exclusive 700th editionCambiano Dante Exclusive 700th editionCambiano Dante Exclusive 700th edition

This exclusive box, the flagship of the collezione Dante Alighieri, is a tribute to the most famous profile in history. In fact, on the solid cedar wood case, the face of the Supreme Poet is represented, as painted by the master Botticelli between 1480 and 1485. Just this posthumous portrait made the profile of the Poet unmistakable all over the world, creating a true and its own universal icon. Available both in the Ethergraf® version with metal alloy tip and in ink.


  • Body material Aluminum shell and cedar inserts
  • Base material Cedar wood box with display function
  • Nib Ethergraf® metal alloy / ballpoint
  • Length 16cm
  • Diameter 1cm
  • Weight 39gr

Piuma Inferno 700th edition

  • Piuma InfernoPiuma InfernoPiuma InfernoPiuma InfernoHandcrafted flamed wood body in constant balance on its own center of gravity, thanks to a polished black mirror steel base. The dark tones of Forever Piuma Inferno “Dante 700th Edition” they evoke the sin and darkness that Dante so much describes in the different circles of Hell. The wood, skilfully treated with live flames through a centuries-old and evocative Japanese tradition, is carbonized on the surface and made waterproof and durable. Each piece is unique, thanks to elegant irregular finishes, whose differences are the value of a long process of craftsmanship.


  • Nib Ethergraf® alloy
  • Length 15,5 cm
  • Weight 7 gr (Il peso indicato si riferisce al solo stelo)
  • Body in legno di acero naturale bruciato
  • Packaging dimensions 21,5cm x 10cm x 3cm
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