Monteverde Emotions ink collection 10 bottles 30ml


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The world leader of Monteverde USA inks is proud to present the Emotions collection. This new collection draws inspiration from the language of colors or the message we want to convey when we write on paper with the color we choose. The Emotions collection allows you to express your mood in a way that it is not possible to do verbally. Whether your correspondence should express passion or trust, wisdom or motivation, you can find the perfect color for every occasion. Includes 10 flasks (30 ml each) in the following colors: Gratitude (Magenta), Passion (Burgundy) Love (red), kindness (rosa) Peace (blue), trust (blue), wisdom (purple) hope (green), Justification (orange) and joy (sepia).

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Weight 1,200 kg
Dimensions 15 × 22 × 5 cm